Our company is dedicated to maintenance and repair of heavy equipment

SoblastCo Indonesia specializes in heavy machinery and vehicles. When you need experts in the industry with budget-friendly services, we are the people you can talk to. Our company's services are focused on the repair and upkeep of industrial and commercial vehicles, all of which is backed by hard earned expertise and a dedication to providing the utmost care.

Confidence and Care

We understand that each and every vehicle and heavy machine you own is an investment of money and professional status that you cannot afford to be without. We keep this in mind when carrying out all of our services.

Whether it is scheduled maintenance or an emergency breakdown service, you can rest assured knowing that your investments are in the best of hands. All members of our team have undergone the training necessary to provide such care, regardless of the vehicle, machine, site or situation.

Our Promise

We promise to do our utmost to ensure that any malfunctioning machine or vehicle on site is back in working order sooner rather than later. Furthermore, we also vow to deliver scheduled maintenance and alignments that will help prolong the lifespan of the vehicle(s). Why do we do this? Because your continued operation, day in and day out, is our number one priority.

We can do

- Buses
- Truck
- Excavators
- Cranes
- Trailers
- Forklift
- and manymore