Product Features and Benefits

Sodablast Systems have been manufacturing blasting equipment for over 60 years. That’s 60 years of refinement, design, reliability and integrity built into the very system that you can rely on to get the job done every day.
Sodablast is a very effective surface preparation, cleaning and de-painting technology. It is:
• cost efficient as it saves labour and the equipment is economical to run
• versatile due to the vast number of applications to which it is suited
• mobile because of our packaging technology
• safe because it uses water soluble food grade baking soda as a blast media
• able to break down grease through the process of soponification
• non destructive as it can’t damage underlying metal surfaces
• quick and requires little preparation time due to its non-destructive nature

Basic Process

Unlike some of our competitors, Sodablast equipment reliably uses inexpensive, water soluble food grade sodium bicarbonate. Our equipment propels a small particle of soluble soda under pressure along the blast hose, out of the nozzle and through cleverly designed flow mechanisms, keeps it intact to maximise efficiency. Sodablasting relies on the soda particles fracturing on impact, releasing energy and displacing paint. If the soda is damaged on its journey you lose efficiency. Keeping it intact saves you money on media and time on the job. Being water soluble the media can be washed away quickly with no residue left behind.

The Sodablasting process uses air volume. Compressing this amount of air creates moisture and this is the reason most systems do not work reliably with soluble soda. The soda absorbs the moisture and creates clumps that clog the system. Integral to our systems is a treatment system that dries and cools the air in all conditions, even the tropics. This translates to you blasting all day every day without any clogging in your system whilst taking advantage of all the benefits of soluble soda. If you have good quality air treatment systems in place already, we can supply units with no air treatment thus reducing your costs.

Our Range

The low volume SBLV range is designed for use in the home workshop to small scale commercial work with the advantage of being multimedia capable. The SBHV range is designed for large volume but static /semi static use and the Pro Mobile range is designed for owner operator blasting businesses to provide mobile services. We also have a blast cabinet for use in the workshop for total containment of all blast residue. This is a very effective solution for cleaning, degreasing and decoking mechanical parts without changing their shape or size in any way.

We take great pride in supplying the highest quality blast equipment, using the best materials, workmanship and customer care. Engineered and manufactured in Houston Texas, our large range of blast machines are designed to suite all applications whether large scale or small.


The entire range of blast vessels come with a lifetime guarantee. Built into the Sodablast Pro Mobile units, the John Deere compressor comes with a 2 year worldwide warranty. At Sodablast in Australia we have personally put thousands of hours of trouble free use onto our blasters and with thousands of machines in full time service around the world, the quality of the machinery speaks for itself.

When your business relies on your blasting equipment working all day, every day, second best is not an option. One thing is for sure, if you need a sophisticated yet reliable workhorse, look no further, we have the products for you.