Welcome to SCI,

SCI was established in Indonesia in 2010 to fulfill a place in the mining, oil, gas and construction markets that has long been overlooked.

Originated from Houston, Texas, USA, Sodablast Systems planned explansion in Indonesia through SCI, whose head office is located in Surabaya. SCI specializes in the cleaning, paint removal, coating (painting) and service of equipment on construction sites, mine sites, oil rigs. SCI also takes part in all activities related to maintenance repair and new fabrication.

Paint removal requires processes that are both environmentally friendly and safe, and SCI is fully aware of it. Thus, it only uses the safest form of paint removal. In January 2012, SCI was awarded the distributorship of Dustless Blasting, which is used widely in the mining, civil, contruction, oil and gas industries.

Later in 2014, SCI was introduced to IBIX. Since then, SCI has taken the lead of IBIX in Indonesia. In December 2014, SCI was awarded the right to expand the product to Malaysia, Singapore and Mongolia.

PT SoblastCo Indonesia SCI only promotes QUALITY products and guarantees SUPPORT.